Over the next few years I'll be building a shop at our place up in the mountains in preparation of moving there full time. We're on 10 acres up there, so no real limitations on size other than $. Leaning towards a steel building in the 2000ish sq ft range.

We're completely off grid up there, so I will also likely need to expand my current solar power system, and any heat will be propane fueled. The existing solar setup has a 6k watt inverter, 18 350 watt panels, 16 batteries, and a 14k watt propane generator. It can handle the cabin just fine, but not convinced that it can handle the shop too. Hoping I won't need quite as big of a system for the shop as I'm okay relying more on generator power for the shop as a lot of it will be more occasional use stuff than the cabin. Solar is best as a ground mount up there too, make it easier to clear snow off of if need be.

I have some basic requirements for what must be in the shop. The goal is to be working fully remote so I can actually move up there, so I'll need an office, probably 12'x12' or so. Also need high speed internet, will probably add a 2nd Starlink dish up there as the one we have on the cabin is working quite well. The office will need to be separated from the rest of the shop, so I'm not sure if I should build it out on the ground level, or put it in a mezzanine area over some of the other rooms I want to build out. I want covered RV storage on the side of the shop, don't necessarily want to use the space inside to keep any RVs/campers inside. Need an area for a wood shop in the 25'x25' range, will likely build out walls and a ceiling for this area with a dust containment system. I'd like a couple other rooms as well, primarily for storage. It's an hour and a half round trip to the nearest grocery store or hardware store, so having a lot on hand is helpful. I figure the storage rooms would be segregated a bit based on their usage, and might even put an LP stove in one so we can do some canning in the shop. Of course there has to be an auto shop too. Current shop is 24'Wx28'D, and just the auto shop section will be quite a bit bigger than that. Looking to have room for at least 3 cars to be worked on at any given time, plus store another 2-3. One bay will have a 2-post lift as well.

Heating this place will be interesting as well, it can get COLD up there. Although in that nice little cold snap we just had here it was substantially warmer up there. Lots of sun too, but no need for a/c in the summer. I'll want to heat up individual areas of the shop, especially the office, independent from keeping the whole thing 65-70*. There won't be any plumbing or running water so I won't have to worry about keeping pipes from freezing, but would like to be able to at least keep the whole shop around 45-50 until I need to use a certain area. So probably several strategically placed heaters.