I've owned and built this rig over the past several years. I don't have time to get out in it anymore so it is time for it to move on. The current front axle and front suspension has very limited time on it.

This is a solid rig that started life as a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 Limited. The Main cage was built by Tim at Liquid Iron Industries, I finished it out and have put a lot of time and modifications into it the past couple of years. I've raced several seasons at Line Mountain with it. It's ready to wheel or race as it sits, though it would benefit greatly from a rear mounted radiator and some different tires for racing. The tube work is not painted, it shows some light surface rust but it has been coated with Gibbs and never been stored outside.

This has all the stuff to go racing, intercom, pumper, PRP harnesses, window nets, mirrors, kill switch, rear lights, Hi Lift mount, storage box with impact mount, ETC.

Drive Train:
5.9 V8 with Headers and Dynomax Bullet Muffler
Ron Davis Rad with Electric Fan (I have a large Radiator for the rear that can go with)
46RE Transmission with huge PWR Cooler
Atlas 4.3 Transfer Case
1310 CV Drivelines front and rear

Front axle
609 with Spidertrax 9” Housing trussed and plated
Kingpin Solid Inner and Outer knuckles and High Steer Arms
Yukon 3rd with 5.43's and spool
Branik machined Chromoly 35 spline shafts for 50deg steering
Yukon Super Joints
Yukon drive flanges
5x5.5 conversion with machined Hubs and Ύ ton brakes and 9/16” studs

Rear Axle
Currie 9” housing Shaved and Trussed
Yukon HD third with load bolt, 5.43’s and Yukon Grizzly Locker
35 spline shafts
Custom 5x4.5 to 5x5.5 adapters with 9/16” studs to match front

Front Suspension
4-link with FK Heims
2.5x14” King Coilovers
Fox Air Bumps

Rear Suspension
4-Link with FK Heims
2”x16” King Coilovers
Fox Air Bumps
Anti-Rock Sway Bar

Full Hydro Steering
PSC orbital
Twin PSC TC Pumps
10” Howe Ram
Massive Howe Reservoir with Filter

It is currently sitting on 38.5 TSL/SX’s and 15” Steel beadlocks. I have 6 tires and 4 wheels. The tires are a bit rough at this point. I have some 17” KMC XD Beadlocks I would provide at asking price or will sell separately.

The most recent pictures are the ones with the swampers on it. Feel free to ask any questions. I’m sure i missed some things. It’s not perfect, but it was always fun racing it at Line Mountain. I do have stock ZJ body panels that I had originally planned to mount up and I just never got to it, as well as a clean hood to replace the chopped/bent one on it now.

Asking $12k for the buggy with all of my spare parts, etc.

Lots of Photos here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/hElpYDa9U5lbNjcn2