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    Well, it's mobile and complete. Buttoned up all the welding and such in my buddy's shop today. Seam sealed the crap out of all the joints, and threw some paint on things to seal it up. Rear bumper is back on and trimmed up on the right side. The bigger wheel wells make the 32s look quite small! The 5 speed feels good, though I think the clutch may need a bleed, or one of the cylinders is failing. Pedal engagement is very close to the floor and reverse grinds at times.

    Sadly the brakes are terrible. I tried a fluid flush, but couldn't get the RR bleeder screw loose. So a wheel cylinder is definitely in the cards, but I feel a master cylinder may be, as well. I think a seal stuck while it was sitting and tore. No leaks, as I used a pressure bleeder, so that's good.

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    On my 5 speed ZJ I wad to put a slight bend in the clutch pedal to allow it to get full travel without the pedal bottoming out on the floor. After I did this the clutch engagement point moved up to a reasonable level. A previous owner did the conversion so I don't know where they sourced the clutch pedal from.
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