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    Ok so I have a 94 zj with the np231 but the jeep is shot I also have a 98 zj but it has the np248 i will most likely have to swap input shafts but what are the chances of them being interchangeable being that far apart in years o ya the np231 says it was made in 93 on the tag and if i cant will they sell an input shaft that would work with a case that old?
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    The shafts from those years wont interchange. However you should measure the length the input sticks out from the seal. You might get lucky.
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    I used a 98 trans in my 94 and the 231 did not bolt right up. The 231 input is designed for a pilot on the end of the trans output, and the newer trans had the output fully splined. I already had the trans bolted in and had to have it moving that day so I measured the pilot on the end of the 94 trans, marked the output shaft on the 98 trans and wrapped it with tape, stuffed rags in the opening of the trans, and cut the last 5/8" or so of the output shaft off. That was at least 5 or 6,000 miles ago and everything is still working well. Is it ideal? No, but it worked without having to buy parts and/or disassemble everything, and it got me going with only minor delay. And I learned something about the differences in 42re transmissions.

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