Thread: Did I catch a Niner in there?

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    Pulling the filter didn't fix it. So I said screw it and just ordered a new pump and both lines. Seems to finally be working as it should and it's back to DD duty. We got a foot of snow in the last 48 hours so I got to put the 242 to the test as well and it's doing great. The 4 Full Time option is nice, as the main roads are dry now but the side roads are still snow covered, don't have to shift back and forth.

    Found out that I had a complete brain fart on the alternator too. I replaced it shortly after getting the 5.9, but didn't think to actually check to make sure I got a 136 amp alternator. Ended up with a 90 amp on it. So that sucks. Pulled the 136 amp that I put on the other ZJ for now and it's working a lot better. Just need to finish putting the other ZJ back together so I can actually drive it too.
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    Good to hear. Hoping to get my brake issues sorted tomorrow to put mine back on the road.

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