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    Hi Guys

    Been awhile sence I been here, still loving jeeps..

    Can you get me advice for setting pattern on D35 axle.

    I replaced pinion bearings and clutch packs (spring washer was broken).
    Now, I have hard time to set gears.

    Here is a picture of pattern check with original pinion bearings. Backlash is set to 0.2mm.

    With original shim (1mm) under lower pinion bearing and (the same setup like above) backlash set to 0.2mm

    What do you think about this setup1?
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    I know this is a very late response, but the first pic looks like your pinion gear is set too deep by the pattern shown. The second pic looks better, but I'm not sure what changed from the first pic. Did you check the pinion depth before and after? Did you change anything with the carrier bearings?
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