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    So, electrical, something many of us do not know or really do not want to deal with as even with an expert its a pain in the ass. Vehicle in question is a 99 WJ

    So here is the deal. This issue has started awhile ago but is quite intermittent (worse kind of electrical problem). Occasionally, when I go to turn the key in the ignition, the jeep just clicks and doesnt do anything. Than after a few seconds, all of the gauges go to their max setting and then back (seems to be calibrating) and this weird high speed ticking sound starts. It sounds almost like a relay that is just switching at high frequency and its coming from the dashboard, not under the hood. This continues until i disconnect the positive (not the negative. it just continues if that happens). After reconnecting it and tightening it, it goes away and there is a high chance that the jeep starts (99%).

    Another thing to point out is the front driver side twitter has a lot of noise and has a "whoo" sound that matches engine RPM when driving. Pretty sure it needs to be just replaced and not the cause of this issue, but never know.

    So far I got a new batter and battery terminals replaced. Next step would be to add some bulb grease to the terminals and check the grounds.

    My question is has anyone else had this issue? If so, what was the solution?
    Does anyone know of where the main grounds are to check? Or the problematic ones? Or what the f*** is that clicking noise????

    I heard there were electrical problem of that generation Jeeps in general.
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    I had your first issue ('02 WJ), my problem was the stock battery terminal connectors. The nut would be "tight", but the clamp itself wouldn't tighten any more. The clamp would be fully closed, but not tight on the terminal. I ended up replacing the connectors and battery wires, partially to solve the issue/partially as a cheap upgrade.

    Make damn sure that all of your cables are tight. Battery to junction box / alternator / starter / grounds. Double-check that your terminal connectors are actually tight. Make sure the wires haven't pulled out (unseated) from the new battery terminal connectors. A little bit of dielectric grease can't hurt. That'd be a start, IMO.
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