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    -Talulah's Journey-
    "Sounds like a two dolla hooka.."

    Hey everyone :wave:. So I bought this 99 Grand Cherokee on 5/31 as a project/DD build. The lady I bought it from wanted $2500, but I got her down to $1600. I used to own a 97 TJ with the I6 and I loved it, but I had to sell her due to driving 40 miles one way to work. So I wanted another I6 4x4. She has 117,000 miles and needs some lovin.

    She shifts pretty smooth and the AC works! Which is awesome, cause it's hot as hell here in FL. The lady I got her from said the passenger wheel bearing needs to be replaced. I thought so too after test driving it. It's making a loud howling noise from the front.

    So I put it on the lift for a little check under the skirt.

    I was somewhat expecting to have to dump a little bit of money into her before I started modding, but she's in pretty good shape mechanically. Needs an upper radiator hose (it's swelling) and a new belt soon. We shook the front wheels while it was in the air, but didn't find any play. So maybe the bearings aren't all that bad?

    I have two ways I'm thinking about going with this build. My first idea was to throw some 35's on her, but maybe I'll do a little 3" lift and some 33's for the time being. I know I know.. I shouldn't spend money on the 33 idea if I'm wanting to go 35's later, but I'm impatient and have a little bit of funds right now

    Some questions for you guys:
    From what I've read, the Dana 35c I have in the rear is pretty much garbage. So I was thinking about doing the Ford 9". Is there anyway to still have ABS after that swap? And what year axle do you think would work best with this GC?
    Do you think it's necessary to swap out the Dana 30 in the front? if so, with what?
    Is anyone running a LOCG with 35's and a 4" lift?

    So that's all I've got for right now. This weekends checklist:

    • Change the upper radiator hose
    • Chand the diff fluids out
    • Change the oil
    • Check the rotors/brake pads and change if need be
    • Get a hood from the junk yard
    • Put on new hood struts and back window hinges
    • Possible new head unit and system
    • Check to see if junk yard has any Ford 9's laying around
    • Giver her a good cleaning

    I'm hoping I'm able to get most of this done on Sunday. We're celebrating my girlfriends birthday this weekend and her parents are coming up. So who knows..

    Build Goals

    • Ford 9" rear axle
    • 4" RC X-series lift
    • Trim fenders
    • Fit some 35's in there with a LCOG feel
    • Build a front bumper
    • Paint
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    If you build a 9 inch bear in mind it will be expensive to be strong. Not only is the center chunk not strong enough if you don't go with a nodular case 31-spline alloy shafts can still break on 35 inch tires.
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    I used a 9" out of a 70's F150 which paired nicely with a JK Rubi 44 front. They are about two inches wider than stock WJ axles so a nice balance between wider and "full width." I also run 35's on 5" of lift and Claytons long arms. Having been through a couple builds I would build in a way that you move towards your end goal while buying parts that are part of the end goal rather than parts that will be replaced.
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