Great Lakes JeepThing's 15th annual Toys for Tots(sponsored by core4x4)
November 24th 2013
Line up begins at 8:00am
Start time 10:00am (be there early!)
Downtown Chicago
start point McCormick Place parking lot "B'. Located off the 31st street exit
Contact Chris Ryan
IMPORTANT: Entry fee is at least one BRAND NEW toy still in the original packaging! Please do not ask to participate if you are empty handed.

It's that time of year again in the Chicago area. Time to start the buzz of one of the biggest and most important 4x4 events of the year. GLJT's Toys for Tots parade. .this event has grown into something that belongs to the 4x4 community as a whole. With 250 vehicles, over 500 people, and 20 different clubs represented. this has been covered on local TV networks, newspapers, and escorted by Chicago police.

This year we will be starting at the 31st beach parking lot The parade will leave at 10:00am SHARP! So please get there early enough to have time to get those Christmas decorations on your vehicle. Did I forget to mention decorations? The parade is never complete without them. Some participants have really gone all out for this event. Decorating their jeeps like Santa's sleigh, or leaving no piece of sheet metal on the Durango untouched.

That leads up to the other thing that participants are highly encouraged to do. While the entry fee is at least one toy, please try to bring more than just one. Participants always come with vehicles full to the top with donations from friends, family, and coworkers.

Once attendees get there and are ready to leave at 10 we head north on Lake Shore Drive to Foster Ave. Exit on Foster, and take Foster west to the US Marine headquarters for toy drop off. Be sure to have your CB radio on during the drive. We'll be on channel 4. If you've never seen 300 decorated 4x4's being escorted down LSD by Chicago police ... you just have to be there. It's a breathtaking site, especially when one considers the cause that this is for.

If for some reason anyone is unfamiliar ... the Toys for Tots foundation is run by the US Marine corps. It was put into place to help raise toys as Christmas presents for needy children. I think there are a lot of people here that have it better than most, it's important to remember that, and not take it for granted. Every child deserves at least one new present for Christmas. With your help we can make that happen. If you come out and ride with us, you will make a difference. And you might get your mug on the nightly news!

Line up at 8:00!!