Thread: August 3rf and 4th. Bill Moore Lake, Mill Creek and Kingston Peak

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    Kyle and I ran Bill Moore Lake and Mill Creek on Saturday. We brought both Jeeps and camped on the trail Saturday night.

    Bill Moore is about the same as it has been for the last couple years. Except for the chute is getting back to its loosely packed rocks and off camber areas. It can be a little tricky to avoid body damage in a couple areas. We managed to make it through both directions. It was raining hard in some areas and between rain storms the light would shine through the clouds it made for some great scenery.

    We ran Mill Creek which is a loop off of Bill Moore. I have not run Mill Creek in many years. It was muddy with loose rocks. The river crossings were higher than usual. This made for some fun wheeling between the tight trees on each side of the trail.

    Sunday after camping on BML we got up and doubled back to Fall River Road and ran Kingston Peak. Kingston always brings the views. We came across a group of 30 or so new Land Rovers at the rock house. They were part of some kind of LR new owner group or something. However they had the LRs parked in the tundra. I politely talked to the leader who was very appologetic and promised to move the LRs to the parking areas and side of the trail. I also let them know about Stay the Trail and suggested they check their web site for more information on trail edicate. Normally I do not confront people, but it seemed a case of ignorance rather than just stupidity. I feel this group of newbie wheelers woiuld benfit from knowing to Stay the Trail and not learn from ignorance. Again they were very willing to move them and learn. I suppose the polite approach didnt hurt either.

    The great part of running Kingston was avoiding all thechaos on I70 these days with the weekedn traffic and tunnel repairs. We were home by 3PM. We drove to Golden and took 470 to HR.

    Kyle and I have been planning to do many more weekender trips like this. We feel we have dialed in the minimum gear and pack time to make these trips possible on short notice with little to no planning.

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