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    Hey guys, been driving the jeep alot lately and i might be starting school and need something with better gas. Im still keeping the jeep, just want something reliable and gets good mpg. I was looking at honda accords in the year 2000 range, nissan altimas or maximas in the pre-2000 range, and other than that im not sure what is best. Im just wondering on the reliability of these kinds of cars. Let me know what you guys have, ive got time to decide so im not in a hurry.
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    They are all pretty decent. Unless you really need the extra room an Accord or Maxima offers I would look for something like a Civic or maybe a Sentra. They will pull down a little better MPGs

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    I really like my new to me Toyota MR2. It's an 85, and I'm getting close to 34mpg with a 5spd manual.
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