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    For those planning to camp, please be sure to adhere to the following rules. It's basically just common sense, common courtesy, and respect, so nothing to be concerned about, but just wanted to stress this so we make a good impression at Rausch Creek.

    I'm hoping to get in before dark on that Thursday, so look for the Robot.

    This is what you need to know. All camping is to the right of the
    driveway in the designated area. The rules are posted at the potties and
    at some of the sites. Basically, clean up your area when done, pack out
    your trash, use the designated firerings in the tent sites (donít have a
    campfire in the parking lot!), no large fires or fireworks. Donít move
    the firerings around or put them together in bunches to have a big fire.
    Donít burn pallets or other wood with nails in it.
    You're allowed on the property the night before for camping, you can come
    and go out the driveway as needed, but don't go driving around the comp
    course or onto the trails. If you get there before dark, you may see
    others wheeling, but they should have paid earlier in the day to go
    The office will be open the following morning starting at 8 a.m. for
    everyone in your group to get registered. If you are new to the park,
    youíll need drivers and passengers to come up and register. The
    membership form requires driverís license and vehicle info from everyone,
    even the passengers.
    We recently clarified our policy on alcohol as follows: Anyone observed
    drinking and driving will permanently lose their membership privileges and
    their affiliated club will be sanctioned. No alcohol is allowed on the
    property except for the camping area. Alcohol may be consumed only AFTER
    you are done wheeling for the day and only in the camping area. Do not
    walk around the comp course with alcohol. Do not drive around the trails
    with alcohol in your vehicle, leave it at camp.
    We continue to have incidents such as fireworks being set off close to
    vehicles and tents, live trees being cut down, dangerous fires, and
    drunken or loud behavior disruptive to others. If you observe any
    activity that breaks the rules and do not want to confront the persons
    involved directly, get any information you can about whatís going on.
    Location of the campsite, license plate # or other vehicle info, club
    name, anything that can help us identify the bad apples, and report such
    information to the office or any park staff the following morning (or that
    evening if thereís a dangerous situation in progress). Thank you.
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    We continue to have incidents such as fireworks being set off close to vehicles and tents, live trees being cut down, dangerous fires, and drunken or loud behavior disruptive to others.
    Idiots. And people wonder why there are so few places to wheel.

    I can't make the event this year (but will be wheeling that weekend!). Hopefully I can fit this in next year.

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    quoted from GSNE planner's forum - i'm not complaining, just a head's up - i don't consider camping at RC family friendly

    disclaimer: your results may vary

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    The last time I camped there it was noisy (drunken mayhem) all night, a large fight broke out (another campsite) at 2 in the morning over a chick, some asshole decided to pour transmission fluid in their campfire a couple of sites down and it filled my tent with smoke, and I was awakened at 4:30 a.m. by the sound of someone tossing their cookies outside my tent

    i'll pass on the camping at RC
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    this all sounds like a good night at camp 6 at big dogs
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