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    Re: shocks

    I'm going to be back out in the shop again tomorrow night, let me double check my numbers and I'll let you know. Thanks!

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    Re: Project Hippo

    Yes same tranny. Just the later models got the firmware update making them a 545. Yep Id look at the carrier bearing in the front. Disconnect the front

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    Re: Project Hippo

    It's while driving straight. And are you saying that 45 and a 545 same tranny with different firmware? Or the dealer can flash the pcm after the new one

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    Re: Project Hippo

    I would take the drive shaft out and drive around to see if it still makes that noise. Congrats on getting it driving again

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    Re: Project Hippo

    Is it while you turn or going straight? Also if you have the 45 transmission you can take it to the dealer to be reflashed making it a 545. At least from

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