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06-07-2005, 12:54 AM
Originally posted by Z on NAGCA

What constitutes a Grand Cherokee, for purposes of participating in Grand Slam West:

1. A vehicle which started 'life' as a Grand Cherokee, as manufactured by the Jeep corporation.
2. A buggy, built from the ground up, with the intention of looking like a Grand Cherokee, that has been registered as a Grand Cherokee.

Who is welcome at Grand Slam West:
1. Owners and/or drivers of vehicles which meet the Grand Cherokee criteria above.
2. Registered passengers of registered participants.

Examples (though not a complete list) of what does NOT constitute a Grand Cherokee:
1. Vehicles which started 'life' as any of the following:
a. Jeep Liberty
b. Jeep Wrangler
c. Jeep Cherokee
d. Honda Civic
e. Chevy S10
2. Vehicles (other than those meeting the criteria of Grand Cherokee above) which are owned and/or driven by people who know someone who is a registered participant* of Grand Slam West.

*Co-organizers are registered participants.

In short, for the purposes of Grand Slam West, an S10 or TJ or XJ, regardless of its registration, is NOT a Grand Cherokee.

(If we let everyone into Grand Slam West regardless of vehicle type, we would be WELL BEYOND the current 50 vehicle limit imposed by the BLM. If we go over the 50 vehicle limit, we will be required to secure event insurance as well as environmental impact studies. Most, if not all, of the GSW co-organizers are NOT willing to put in the horrendous amount of additional effort required by exceeding the 50 vehicle limit, so for now we are forced to keep GSW restricted to vehicles which meet the criteria of Grand Cherokee as listed above).

06-07-2005, 01:23 AM
*(If we let xj's into Grand Slam West regardless of vehicle type, we would be OWNED by the XJ's superior capabilities.


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