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05-12-2010, 02:34 PM

Before you read this just make note that the final deadline for having everything ordered is Thursday May 20th, 2010. Orders after that date will not be taken. Thanks,

Hey everyone, I spoke with BigD last night and today and he needs a definite list of people who want t-shirts and stickers for the event. Trail Guides have the option of embroidery on the chest that reads "Trail Guide" to help those with questions, etc for an extra $3 per shirt. I believe he needs a minimum of 10 shirts ordered and I can safely say I will be getting three so that helps with the order.

As for colors, I think it would be wise for trail guides to have different colors from the rest of the group, lets say Orange, to help with spotting us. I believe we were sticking to 3 colors (Red, Navy Blue, Black) all with white lettering for the main group while trail guides have the option of Orange.

The prices for the shirts are as follows:

- Shirt sizes XL and under are $10.00 each
- Embroidery (Trail Guide, etc.) is $3.00 per
- Shirt sizes above XL are $2.00 PER SHIRT SIZE: Ex: 2XL is $12.00 where 3XL is $14.00
- No shirt sizes available bigger than 3XL
- Colors are Red, Navy Blue, and Black for non trail guides
- Color option for trail guides is Orange

The prices for the stickers are as follows:

- Sticker size is 5x5"
- Color is solid white
- Price $5.00 per sticker

Fuego, Can you post this up on MC? I do need this list finalized by May 20th so I can get it into BigD to get it taken care of. I will call him late Thursday to get the order in so I need everything but Thursday for sure guys!

This is important ladies and gentleman! Saturday morning I will be in possession of all the shirts and stickers so see me to pay for your stuff! Just ask for "Rock". Everything is COD, please bring Cash, no checks!!! I will not be able to give you the goods unless its in Cash as I am collecting for BigD.


05-21-2010, 11:55 AM
Okay everyone. The order has been placed with BigD and I will be taking care of handing everything out at the park on Saturday morning so come find me. Just ask for "Rock." It looks like most of the order was done via nagca and it doesnt look like anyone from MC ordered anything on here. Thanks for looking,