View Full Version : 2 packs of 7/8" Heims so cheap it is silly!

Dan Fredrickson
02-17-2009, 12:56 AM
Alright already, we are putting together 2 pack of heims, complete sets with everything you need to put'em to work! We've just added the 7/8" ends and they come with 1 Left & 1 Right hand rod end, 4 Missalignment Spacers, 2 Jam Nuts, & 2 Tube Adapters. These are not just some junk we had laying around, they are Chromoly with an approximate 31,000lb Load rating! Zink plated missalignment with a 5/8" through bore, Zink plated Jam Nuts, and Chromoly Tube Adapters for a 1 1/4" ID tube!


And these are 2 for $55, at this price you can use Chromoly for linkages! Thats only $27.50 each outfitted!

We have 300 sets in stock right now so its 1st come 1st served till we get another batch! And here is a link so ordering them is easy! http://www.ruffstuffspecialties.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=37&products_id=349