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09-18-2008, 10:51 AM
Sorry, forgot about getting this all setup with Moab coming up and a lot of stuff going on at work lately. Here's the poll for the October ROTM. See descriptions of the rigs up for this month in the posts below!

09-18-2008, 07:07 PM
Year: 1995
Model: ZJ Laredo
Drivetrain: 4.0 242 Dana 30 and Dana 35
Suspension: Bryant made long arm amount of lift unknown because I don't care!
Tires: 33" BFG MT KM's
Other Notable Mods: Alot of KOR stuff for obvious reasons, Sleaved frame rails getting preparred to throw in a 9" and 44 out of an EB after GSSW
Favorite Mod: Long arms by far
Least Favorite Mod: Not buying V8
Favorite Trail: Martinez canyon
Best Carnage: I ripped off my transfer case skid while i was still on 31's.
Link to MallCrawlin Build Thread: Don't have one!

09-18-2008, 07:20 PM

Year: 2004
Model: WJ Limited
Drivetrain: V8, stock tranny, 4.56's, rear Aussie
Suspension: IRO 3", MX-6 schocks, JKS TB,JKS QD,JKS Supernerfs
Tires: 32" Maxxis Bighorn
Other Notable Mods: Custom Grille i guess and sweet taillight covers.
Favorite Mod: The whole lift.
Least Favorite Mod: hacking off exhaust
Favorite Trail: Wheeler Lake
Best Carnage: Being guided into a mountain and nailing it head on.

09-18-2008, 07:25 PM
Year: 1998
Model: ZJ Laredo SE
Drivetrain: I6, Semi-Built 42RE, 242, LP 30 & D35
Suspension: 4.5" Short Arm: Teraflex coils, RE control arms & shocks, JKS/KOR Trackbars
Tires: 285/70/17 BF Goodrich KM2s
Other Notable Mods: JCR Stage 2 Sliders, JCR 1-Ton Steering, KOR HD X-Member
Favorite Mod: 33s
Least Favorite Mod: Budget Boost
Favorite Trail: Badlands Orange Trail
Best Carnage: Ripped KOR HD X-Member/Skid out of holes in unibody frame rail
Link to MallCrawlin Build Thread: http://www.mallcrawlin.com/forum//showthread.php?t=16485


09-18-2008, 10:17 PM
Ah what the hell....



Year: 1995
Model: ZJ Orvis
Drivetrain: 5.2, NP231, D44 front w/ Chrome-Moly shafts and ARB, D44 rear w/ Yukon spool, 4.56 gears
Suspension: Modified 6.5" RK Long Arm Kit, RE 3.5" front springs in rear w/ 2" Crawler Ready spacers, RK 6.5" rear springs up front w/ 2" Crawler Ready spacers...and another 2.5" of lift from the coil spring bucks I'm using. Overall sitting at 6.5" of lift (don't ask me how).
Tires: 37x12.50x15 MTR's w/ DIY Beadlocks
Other Notable Mods: Full Internal cage, 4 bucket-seats, Hydro-assist
Favorite Mod: Tab on front axle to winch front end down for steep climbs
Least Favorite Mod: Swapping in D44's at the beginning
Favorite Trail: Pritchett Canyon or Green Day (backwards) in Moab, UT!
Best Carnage: Long story short....Blew the side radiator cap in half, seized the water pump, snapped the ears off the outer front shaft....all in one night. That was a long drive back to the trailer.
Link to MallCrawlin Build Thread: http://www.mallcrawlin.com/forum/showthread.php?t=14888

09-19-2008, 01:17 AM


Year: 1995
Model: ZJ Laredo
Drivetrain: V8, stock tranny, 231, HP30, 8.8, 4.10's, mini spool rear, Detroit tru-trac front
Suspension: Clayton's long arms, 5.5" lift, Billstien 5100's, Kevins Off-road front TB convertion
Tires: 34" Interco trXus
Other Notable Mods: Claytons belly skid, Kevins sliders, rock lights
Favorite Mod: Clayton's LA
Least Favorite Mod: Homebrew intake
Favorite Trail: Charloeau Gap
Best Carnage: Body damage on passanger side rear quarter from devils rock on upper woodpecker
Link to MallCrawlin Build Thread: http://www.mallcrawlin.com/forum//showthread.php?t=9632

09-19-2008, 02:35 AM
Year: 1998
Model: ZJ Laredo SE
Drivetrain: 4.0,aw-4,231,hp44 lockright,9" full spool 4.88's
Suspension: Rock Krawler 7" Long Arm
Tires: 37x14 Irok's
Other Notable Mods: sawzall city
Favorite Mod: dove nose
Least Favorite Mod:moving intake in the cab
Favorite Trail: lower 2 tellico
Best Carnage: 9" shaft both front shafts and steering gear main shaft
Link to MallCrawlin Build Thread:http://www.mallcrawlin.com/forum//showthread.php?t=8071

09-22-2008, 02:38 PM
Year: 2001
Model: WJ Limited
Drivetrain: 4.7, 545RFE, NP247, Front D44 open, Rear 44a Locked w/4.56's
Suspension: Claytons 6" LA
Tires: 285/75R16 MTR's
Other Notable Mods: Front Bumper, High steer
Favorite Mod: Claytons
Least Favorite Mod: putting stock steering on D44 with first install.
Favorite Trail: Barrett Lake
Best Carnage: Trashed my tie rod, broke drag link in half and blew brake line on 1 trip.
Link to MallCrawlin Build Thread:http://www.mallcrawlin.com/forum//showthread.php?t=7387


Reseating front bead with starter fluid is fun =D
*Note, if allowed, this pic may be replaced with a better once the other people of the group unload them from their camera's, if allowed.

Ken L
09-22-2008, 04:24 PM


Year: 1996
Model: ZJ Laredo
Drivetrain: 4.0L, Stock Transmission, 242 w/SYE, Tom Woods rear driveshaft, rear axle Solid Axle high pinion Dana 60, 4.56 gears, ARB; front axle D30, 4.56 gears, Auburn Ected
Suspension: RE 4.5" short arms, JKS rear track bar, RE shocks
Tires: 33" Super Swamper TSLs
Other Notable Mods: York On Board Air, Taurus fan, front and rear bumpers, winch
Favorite Mod: Selectable Lockers
Least Favorite Mod: Not wild about the Short Arm lift, see "best carnage" below
Favorite Trail: Mole Lake WI Tribal trails that we built for the Great Northern Trail Ride
Best Carnage: Ripping off one rear UCA and about 75% of the other
Link to MallCrawlin Build Thread: Don't have a build thread, here is my OBA thread though http://www.mallcrawlin.com/forum/showthread.php?t=4998&highlight=york

09-28-2008, 12:37 AM

Also, little shorter voting period this time around. Almost all of the votes last month were in the first day or two, and since I forgot to get it started on time anyways we'll go a little shorter. If there's a tie at the end or something we'll extend it.