View Full Version : 95 f150 $1200

12-06-2007, 11:58 AM
I put this up on the local boards and figured i'd throw this up here just in case some one local on here wanted it. I have a 95 f150 regular cab, short bed that has a tranny that slips sometimes. The truck has high miles but the motor was redone when I picked it up two years ago which was about 30,000 miles ago. It doesn't have a hitch on it exept for the ball on the bumper. Also the bumper needs some new brackets that connect to the frame to straighten the bummper out. It was bumped from the back and the metal bumper was pushed down a couple of inches. we were going just to fix the tranny and keep running it but decided to begin to phase out all the gas trucks we had so this and another one are on the chopping block. This rig would work well in towing small rigs 5500# pound or less if a proper hitch was installed. We towed around 3000# with it alot on a trailer that didn't have brakes, the truck went and stoped fine. As a side note if your looking for something that gets good gas milage this is not a truck you want. The 5.0 will pass everything but a gas station. I'm looking to get $1200 for it.