This rule has always been in place at MallCrawlin, but apparently some people still don't understand it.

Pictures of rigs off-trail, on closed trails, or any picture that be construed as you doing ANYTHING but following the Tread Lightly! guidelines to a T, the pictures will be deleted.

We certainly want people to post pictures of their rigs and their trip reports on here, but more importantly we want our members/readers to wheel responsibly. As you all should know, our sport is constantly under attack from people who believe we harm the environment. If we wheel responsibly, we typically do not cause any damage. Being responsible on trails is a MUCH bigger issue than using the best tire or the best suspension. If we all are not responsible when out on the trails, we will not have any public trails to use those tires or suspensions on. This is pretty much already the case on the east coast, and many areas across the country are already under attack. DO NOT give these people any more reasons to attack us and our sport.

So if you post a pic of you or anybody else off trail, the pic will get deleted. DO NOT go back in and edit the post to put the pic back in. Do not post it in another post/thread. These are very quick ways to get you banned from this site. If I have to remove pics from your posts multiple times, expect a ban or at a minimum you will lose the ability to post pics. A link to a pic of someone off trail is just as bad as hotlinking the actual pic.

Do not complain about this policy, I guarantee you that I will not change my mind. If you don't want to wheel responsibly, I do not want you as a member of this site.

If you have ANY questions on how to wheel responsibly or what you can do to help our cause, do not hesitate to send me a PM. This is also a small sampling of the many organizations out there fighting for our trails and helping educate people on how to use them responsibly.

Many of these organizations also rely on donations from people like you, so please show your support of their efforts.