EDIT: In an effort to increase traffic on the site this number has been lowered to 25 posts.

From here on out there will be a minimum post count of 100 posts to start new threads in the Advanced Tech Forums (General Grand Talk, Suspension & Steering, and Drivetrain). This is to assist in the elimination of the massive influx of newb crap that I started this board to avoid. If you have a problem with me trying to avoid the newbie stuff, frankly I don't really care, JU and all of their advertisers will be happy to have you. Do not PM asking why I did this, or if you disagree with me.

There are a couple ways around the 100 post requirement to be able to start threads in the Advanced Forums. First off is to purchase a Supporting Member or Supporting Vendor subscription to the site. Do not think of this as a way to pay your way into those forums though, we will still be keeping a close eye on the threads started in the advanced forums and will not look the other way just because someone is a paying member. The 2nd is to have someone else on the board "vouch" for you. That person will need to PM me and say "hey, joe blow knows his stuff and here's why: blah blah blah." Matt and I, along with the rest of the staff, will then make the decision as to whether or not the user will be moved into the Senior Member group.

Do not PM a Staff member asking to be excluded from this rule. If you feel you have a post that would fit better in the advanced forums, post it in the newbie area. If we feel it would be better suited for the advanced forums, we will move it there.

If any Staff Member feels that you are padding your post count because of this, your posts will be deleted and you run the risk of being banned.

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